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A modern trade center

Already the regional center of Valdres, Fagernes was given city status in 2007. A varied business life, extensive trade, a large tourist influx and a rich cultural life are central keywords in describing the activity of the municipality.

Fagernes fra Kviteberg - Klikk for stort bilde Nord-Aurdal has around 6,500 residents and the number has been stable for several years. The municipality is the largest employer in Valdres, with around 500 man-years employed per year. The bulk of these are within education, kindergartens and health care. The overarching goal for the municipality’s political and administrative management is to provide the best possible services for the residents.

The public and service sectors are the most important, but the primary sector still plays a central role. The tourist sector is also of large importance in the municipality. There are both hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts and camping sites. Nord-Aurdal is the forecourt to Jotunheimen, and E16 will lead you safely from east to west over Filefjell.

Nord-Aurdal has a culture center, an indoor sports arena, Valdres Skicenter, Valdres Alpine Center and a very well developed ski trail network from Beitostølen to Danebu. During summer there are rich opportunities for bicycling.

In the municipality you will also find Valdres high school, Valdres folk high school and the career center OPUS Valdres with educational opportunities on high-school and college level for adults.

A good formative environment and pleasant residential areas make the municipality an attractive place to live, especially for families with children. Valdres Folk Museum, in the middle of Fagernes, is well worth a visit.

The municipality has a well-developed transportation network with bus and plane routes to Oslo as well as a bus route to Bergen.

The municipality coat of arms for Nord-Aurdal was designed by Bjørn Arnesen after an idea by the former leader of the cultural board, Ivar Aars. The coat of arms was approved by royal decree December 20th 1985. The design alludes to the flower Snow Gentian which is also called Christ’s blue eyes locally. The flower is found in the shieling areas of Nord-Aurdal and only opens when it is sunny and warm. The symbolism is to be open and positive. The three flowers in the coat of arms reflect the three urban areas in the municipality; Fagernes, Leira and Aurdal.


Distances from Fagernes
Distances from Fagernes
PlaceDistanceExpected driving time
Oslo187 km2h 40m
Bergen331 km4h 50m
Trondheim379 km5h 20m
Lillehammer111 km1h 40m
Gol45 km50m
Beitostølen38 km40m
Rådhuset - Jernbanevegen 22
Boks 143, 2901 Fagernes
(+47) 61 35 90 00
(+47) 61 35 90 01
9-16 (9-15 fra 15.5-15.9) 961 381 908
Kontonr: 2367.05.40200

Kommunenr: 0542
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